1" (25.4mm) Ruby In Fuschite Plugs
1" (25.4mm) Ruby In Fuschite Plugs 1" (25.4mm) Ruby In Fuschite Plugs
$ 109.95

• 1" Ruby In Fuschite Plugs

• These are the exact plugs you will receive.

• Chakras- All

• Metaphysical- Ruby In Fuschite is said to help one evaluate and solve problems ranging from love to health and social issues. It is also said to be beneficial towards aches and pains of the body, as well as issues like carpal tunnel syndrome.

• About-Ruby In Fuschite is a newer find from India. The stone consists of fuchsite, ruby and small amounts of kyanite. The fuchsite is a light to dark green with the subtle sheens of blue being the kyanite. Throughout the stone there is scattered larger and smaller deposits of opaque ruby. This stone has varying hardness, and is quite difficult to cut and work, but is well worth it as the finished product is always spectacular.

• These are sold as a pair.