13.5mm Orbicular Jasper Plugs
13.5mm Orbicular Jasper Plugs 13.5mm Orbicular Jasper Plugs
$ 64.95

• 13.5mm Orbicular Jasper Plugs

• These are the exact plugs you will receive.

• Made in our USA workshop this material also called ocean jasper is truly unique.

• Chakras- Heart (4th)

• Metaphysical- An orbicular jaspers main function is that of a protective stone. Any orbicular jasper (or jasper with orbs or eye shaped circular patterns) is said to help one see the interconnection with all other forms of nature. It is also said to help with all types of stressful situations by calming all of your senses.

• About- Ocean Jasper is actually a trade name for orbicular jasper. This stone goes by several other names as well, depending on the location it is found. Common other trade names for orbicular jasper include poppy jasper and kinradite. Most of our ocean jasper (or orbicular jasper) comes from Northeast Madagascar, as these are typically the best specimens for body jewelry, in our opinion. The color can range widely from white, pink and green to red, blue and browns.

• These are sold as a pair.