Stone Jewelry Care - Stone jewelry is fragile and should not be dropped as chipping, cracking or breakage can occur. If cleaning is needed then we suggest using a mild soap and water to wash/rinse your stone plugs, shapes, rings. We do not suggest showering or swimming in your jewelry as you can easily lose or drop them. Although many people tend to stretch with stone jewelry, We do not suggest doing so as many materials are quite porous and can harbor bacteria. 

Wood, Horn, Bone, and Mammoth Jewelry Care - Do not wear your new jewelry when showering or swimming. Don't get your jewelry wet as this can make the materials swell and possibly become rough. The moisture can also crack and or completely break some materials like Mammoth. Don't leave this jewelry material in extreme hot or cold temperatures like a hot car or overly exposed area as breakage could also occur. If you notice your wood jewelry starting to become very dry over time then you can condition the pieces with a very very small amount of oil (jojoba tends to work well for most people). Only a tiny amount is necessary and can be lightly rubbed along the piece. Please try and avoid dropping your jewelry as it is all fragile and can easily break from a long drop.

Brass and Silver Care- Brass should not be worn for long periods of time as some people can develop or have a reaction to the material. Most people wear this material for shorter periods of time. Cleaning your brass or silver jewelry can be achieved with a simple polishing cloth sold in our accessories section. Brass will oxidize and change color slightly over time. 

The materials we sell are Natural and can cause allergic reactions in some people. Please remember to listen to your body.