Amazonite Mayan Style Flare Plugs
Amazonite Mayan Style Flare Plugs Amazonite Mayan Style Flare Plugs Amazonite Mayan Style Flare Plugs
$ 114.95

• Available in sizes 8g (3mm) through 1" (25.4mm)

• You will receive plugs that look similar to those in the photo.

• Each pair measures approximately-

 • 8g (3mm): 1/4" Wearable with 2g Flare

 • 6g (4mm): 1/4" Wearable with 0g Flare

 • 4g (5mm): 5/16" Wearable with 00g Flare

 • 2g (6.5mm): 5/16" Wearable with 7/16" Flare

 • 0g (8mm): 5/16" Wearable with 1/2" Flare

 • 00g (9.5-10mm): 5/16" Wearable with 9/16" Flare

 • 7/16" (11mm): 5/16" Wearable with 11/16" Flare

 • 1/2" (12.5mm): 5/16" Wearable with 3/4" Flare

 • 9/16" (14mm): 5/16" Wearable with 13/16" Flare

 • 5/8" (16mm): 5/16" Wearable with 7/8" Flare

 • 3/4" (19mm): 5/16" Wearable with 1" Flare

 • 7/8" (22mm): 5/16" Wearable with 1-1/8" Flare

 • 1" (25.4mm): 5/16" Wearable with 1-3/16" Flare 

• Chakras- Heart (4th) Throat (5th)

• Metaphysical- Amazonite is said to be great for communicating your thoughts, ideas, and emotions among others without feeling nervous or over emotional. It has been said that amazonite can also help with the realization of one's dreams and goals.

• About- Amazonite was named after the Amazon river and is found throughout Madagascar, India, Namibia, and the United States. It is a member of the feldspar group, which in a very short summary means that this group of minerals including labradorite, sunstone, moonstone and about 16 others share like characteristics of having similar structures. Amazonite has been used in adornments for thousands of years in Egypt and was even found in Tutankhamen’s grave. The material ranges from a sea foam green to pale green coloring and often exhibits slight to medium chatoyancy (or flash).

• These are sold as a pair.