Blue Lace Agate Double Flare Plugs
$ 97.95

•The wearable length from sizes 8g through 00g is 3/8" (9.5mm)

•The wearable length from sizes 7/16" through 1-1/4" is 1/2" (12.7mm)

•The flares measure about 1/16"

•You will receive a pair similar to those in the photo.

Chakra- Throat (5th)

Metaphysical- Blue Lace Agate is said to be especially beneficial to the shy or timid person by giving them the confidence to try new things and speak their mind when they would otherwise not feel comfortable doing so. It may also help to soothe and collect your thoughts while meditating.

About- Blue Lace Agate is a member of the chalcedony family (pronounced KAL-SYDNEY). With light blue and white concentric banding of different patterns and combinations, this is a very beautiful and popular material. South Africa is known for the best material, however it is also found in India, Brazil, and Uruguay in very small amounts.