Green Brecciated Jasper Keystone Weights
$ 64.95

• You will receive a pair very similar to those in the photo.

• These are about 1-7/16" (37mm) tall and 1-1/16" (28mm) wide.

• 6.5mm insertion gap

• These weigh about 21 grams each.

• All keystone weights are sold by the pair.

• The inner diameter is 1/2" (12.7mm)

You must be at least 9/16" (14mm) or larger to be able to insert these.

• All edges are nicely rounded for comfort and extreme care has been taken during the carving process.

Chakra- Root (1st)

Metaphysical- It is said that this stone can help with one’s organizational skills, helping from things such as keeping up one's dwelling (sounds like I need this one!) , to keeping solid mindset by giving one the ability to relax and the clarity to channel positive energy.

About- Green Brecciated Jasper belongs to the quartz family with a similar structure to that of chalcedony. Jaspers can contain up to 20% of foreign material making for a wide variety of coloration and patterns within the stone. T