Moss Agate Septum Tusk
Moss Agate Septum Tusk Moss Agate Septum Tusk
$ 67.95

• 10g (2.5mm) is about 1-3/4" long

• 8g (3mm) is about 1-3/4" long

• 6g (4mm) is about 1-5/8" long

• 4g (5mm) is about 1-7/8" long

• 2g (6.5mm) is about 2-1/16" long

• 0g (8mm) is about 2-1/4" long

• 00g (9.5-10mm) is about 2-3/8" long

• You will receive a tusk similar to those in the photo

• These are sold individually. 

• Chakras- Root (1st), Heart (4th)

• Metaphysical- Moss Agate is said to be a grounding stone that is very useful in balancing one's emotional state.

• About- Moss Agate is a chalcedony with dendritic inclusions that are similar to a moss pattern. The stone varies from light to dark greens to a more transparent grey and black coloring which varies by the amount of trace minerals of iron and chrome oxide within the quartz base.