Picasso Jasper Pyramid Weights
Picasso Jasper Pyramid Weights Picasso Jasper Pyramid Weights
$ 59.95

• These are about 1-9/16" (39.5mm) tall and 1-3/8" (35mm) wide.

• 6mm insertion gap.

• These weigh about 21 grams each.

• All pyramid weights are sold by the pair.

• The inner diameter is 9/16" (14mm).

• All edges are nicely rounded for comfort and extreme care has been taken during the carving process.

• Chakras- All

• Metaphysical- Picasso Jasper is said to have very strong properties of calming and grounding, making it an ideal stone to use in conjunction with others.

• About- Picasso Jasper is not actually a jasper at all but rather a marble, meaning that it started out as a sedimentary rock that was formed by plant life, sediments and other debris. The rock was then changed by massive amounts of heat and pressure to turn it into marble, thus making it metamorphic.