Saba Ornate Stick Hangers
Saba Ornate Stick Hangers Saba Ornate Stick Hangers
$ 19.95

• These are secured by a removable stick in the center. It is a tapered piece measuring between 12g and 10g (about 2mm-2.5mm.)

• These could also be used as pendants is you secure them somehow.

• These were old designs that we will not be remaking nor the extra securing sticks.

• Available in Saba wood only. 

• These measure about 2" tall by about 1-5/8" wide.

• Polished with a plant based Vegan wax.

• Because this item is handmade there will be a .06mm tolerance with sizing.

• Due to the nature of the woods please understand that there will be some slight variance in coloring and patterns.

•These are sold as a pair.